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Häfliger Guido guido.haefliger at vogelwarte.ch
Mon Mar 2 22:32:01 PST 2020


I'm migrating a Web Application from QGIS 2.18 to QGIS 3.10. In the old application we used UserLayer-parameter in sld_body in WMS request to add a custom layer (raster) to the request. The syntax is the following:
SLD_BODY : <SLD units="mm"><UserLayer><Name>scans_17273</Name><HostedRDS uri="/home/research/vogelatlas/data/scans/2019/3/inventory_17273.tif" epsg="2056"/><UserStyle><Name>style</Name></UserStyle></UserLayer></SLD>

This was working perfectly with 2.18, with version 3.10 the layer is not displayed. In the error log there is no error but the result of the request is:
<ServiceException code="InvalidCRS">Could not create output CRS</ServiceException>

Does anybody know if UserLayer in sld_body is still supported in QGIS Server 3.10? How is the exactly syntax?

Thanks in advance for your information


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