[QGIS-Developer] QGIS "fast" mode

Julien Cabieces julien.cabieces at oslandia.com
Fri Mar 20 01:05:25 PDT 2020


> Hi, can someone explain what is the real logic currently coded for trust
> option? 

It calls the QgsProject::setTrustLayerMetaData(bool) which says

> Sets the trust option allowing to indicate if the extent has to be read from the XML document when data source has no metadata or if the data provider has to determine it.
> Moreover, when this option is activated, primary key unicity is not checked for views and materialized views with Postgres provider.

And from what I see from the code it does what it says, no less, no
more. Only for PostGres.

As a result the variable checkPrimaryKeyUnicity is set to 1 in the uri.

It also add a trust node in project configuration for every layer, but I
don't see where it's used in QGIS code (I maybe miss something)


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