[QGIS-Developer] Splitting Docker utils from core repo ?

Denis Rouzaud denis.rouzaud at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 05:55:34 PDT 2020

Le mar. 24 mars 2020 à 16:47, Sandro Santilli <strk at kbt.io> a écrit :

> I'm looking at the official qgis/qgis docker images for use
> in plugin testing and wondering why such support is part
> of the main qgis repository.

The first idea was that everything was in a single place: it forces
original devs to complete the possible new deps in the Dockerfile and ease
CI by having everything grouped.
I agree that the situation is not optimal nowadays, mainly because the size
of the image has grown a lot due to dependencies used only for testing

> Why not, you'd ask ?
> Well, I found some issues with the qgis_setup.sh script for
> example, and filing an issue against the main qgis repo, which
> already has more than 3500 issues pending, sounds like adding
> a drop in an ocean.

There are quite some people doing an amazing job on triaging and most of
the time the involved devs are quite willing to discuss.
Please give a try.

> The issue is that running the qgis_setup.sh script exits with
> a success exit code and no text printed to tell me if it did
> anything, while it looks to me it didn't do anything...
> Other issues are related to the README file in the docker dir,
> which seems to be talking about Travis too much, while not
> all plugin developers are using Travis to test their plugin.

All this work has been done on a voluntary basis and is really hard to keep
up to date.
Any improvment is more than welcome.
If github is really not your cup of tea, I guess we can also accept patches
by emails (gentle poke, sorry)

More generally, I don't think people in the community is against
progressive changes. It's just way more motivating to turn the sentences in
a positive manner, and to try to drive the changes.

Best wishes,

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