[Qgis-user] question about statistical analysis and histograms

Azzurra Lentini azzurralentini at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 08:06:42 PST 2021

Hi to all,

I am using Qgis 3.16.1.

I have a shape file of polygons of different zones classified by type of
vegetation (so each polygon has different type of vegetation and these
polygons have different surface). Each type of vegetation has a code
(string type: letters and numbers),  so the field of type vegetation has
data type string (text).

I need to understand which kind of vegetation is more frequent (which type
of vegetation occupies a greater areal extension) and I would like to do a
histogram  that shows the result.

Any suggestion?

Sorry, the question maybe is very general but this is the first time I am
trying  to do some simple statistical analysis in vector with Qgis and I
either never tried to do diagrams.

Thanks Azzurra

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