[Qgis-user] [QGIS-Developer] New QGIS Date/Time Tools Plugin

C Hamilton adenaculture at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 06:54:29 PST 2021

> > For those who use the OSGeo4W installer you may need to include the
> scipy library. The standalone installers already have it by default.
> I'm on Debian, and installed the plugin.
> I'm shown the 'Plugin Dependencies Manager' dialog (which I've never seen
> before, is it in master or in the plugin?) See screenshot. But I cannot
> click 'Fix manually' or so...
> But I have scipy  installed:
> python3-scipy/testing,testing,now 1.5.4-1+b1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
>   scientific tools for Python 3
> and in QGIS I can even run the scipy-get started:
> import numpy as np
> print("I like ", np.pi)
> Ah, and after the installation, the plugin is working fine (I think....)
> And upon restart I do not get the message anymore... So apparently 'Plugin
> Dependencies Manager' is not working ok the first time (I started a fresh
> profiles-path AND thus profile)

I am not sure I correctly set up the plugin_dependencies tag in
metadata.txt. I couldn't find any examples. Here is what I have in


The Windows standalone versions have numpy and scipy already installed and
my OSGeo4W has numpy installed by default but not scipy.

> One remark: we (as The Netherlands, are currently UTC+1 (CET), but If I
> click just outside the north of NL (Waddenzee) outside of the xx-miles
> zone, I get +0
> As if the timeline is very east of NL there? Scandinavia is also +1 and is
> on the same degree.. more or less

Time zone boundaries are not in bands except in the ocean and even there
they may shift one way or the other around Islands. They are based on
political and geographical boundaries. Take a look at:


Is it possible to visualize the time-lines?

What do you mean by visualize the time-lines? I am planning on showing the
timezone bounding box when you click on the map.

> > I would enjoy any suggestions or feedback. Also for the QGIS team, can a
> plugin this large be included into the plugin repo?
> If you promise not to release once a week, personally I would be ok with
> it :-)

Noted. Once I get more feedback back then I will create a new release and
make it available and not update it every week.
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