Looking to set up nightly builds for community mapbuilder

Matt Diez mattdiez at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 10:28:18 EDT 2006

To all (or simply to whom it may concern):
         We're looking to start performing nightly builds of the Community
MapBuilder project.

1. What is the preferred software package for this?
         CruiseControl is out current preference, but we're unsure if the
SAC community leans towards
or prefers any other software package for this purpose. I'm familiar with
CruiseControl (hence my
preference), but am open to anything else. Jason Birch has already suggested
BuildBot. We're using
an ant-based process currently, if that factors in.

2. Where (on which machine) shall we perform these? Frank Warmerdam had
possibly the telascience blades (particularly .219, where buildbot currently

Thanks in advance,
Matthew D. Diez
Release Management
Community MapBuilder
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