[SAC] Looking to set up nightly builds for community mapbuilder

Howard Butler hobu at hobu.net
Mon Oct 9 23:33:34 EDT 2006

On Oct 9, 2006, at 9:28 AM, Matt Diez wrote:

> To all (or simply to whom it may concern):
>          We're looking to start performing nightly builds of the  
> Community MapBuilder project.
> 1. What is the preferred software package for this?
>          CruiseControl is out current preference, but we're unsure  
> if the SAC community leans towards
> or prefers any other software package for this purpose. I'm  
> familiar with CruiseControl (hence my
> preference), but am open to anything else. Jason Birch has already  
> suggested BuildBot. We're using
> an ant-based process currently, if that factors in.

There is no preference for any particular software platform.  In my  
opinion, the idea of "software platform preference" only comes into  
play if you want *someone else* to maintain it for you ;)  If you're  
the one building it out, I have no strong preference as to what is  
used.  All we ask is that you document your actions on the wiki so  
that someone could come along behind you and reconstruct or maintain  
things if they needed to.

> 2. Where (on which machine) shall we perform these? Frank Warmerdam  
> had suggested
> possibly the telascience blades (particularly .219, where buildbot  
> currently resides).

Yes, please coordinate with Mateusz to put it on the same machine and  
under the same user account as the buildlbot.  I can also give you  
sudo access to this machine to install any additional system-wide  
software you would need to support CruiseControl/Ant/Java (I don't  
think .219 has any java stuff on it yet).  Catch me on #telascience  
on irc.freenode.net if you have any questions.

In absence of other SAC members piping up, I proclaim that Matt can  
do what he needs on .219 by decree ;)


> Thanks in advance,
> Matthew D. Diez
> Release Management
> Community MapBuilder

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