[SAC] Looking to set up nightly builds for community mapbuilder

Howard Butler hobu at hobu.net
Mon Oct 9 23:37:17 EDT 2006

Speaking of which, any word on http://builds.osgeo.org ?

On Oct 9, 2006, at 10:33 PM, Howard Butler wrote:

> On Oct 9, 2006, at 9:28 AM, Matt Diez wrote:
>> To all (or simply to whom it may concern):
>>          We're looking to start performing nightly builds of the  
>> Community MapBuilder project.
>> 1. What is the preferred software package for this?
>>          CruiseControl is out current preference, but we're unsure  
>> if the SAC community leans towards
>> or prefers any other software package for this purpose. I'm  
>> familiar with CruiseControl (hence my
>> preference), but am open to anything else. Jason Birch has already  
>> suggested BuildBot. We're using
>> an ant-based process currently, if that factors in.
> There is no preference for any particular software platform.  In my  
> opinion, the idea of "software platform preference" only comes into  
> play if you want *someone else* to maintain it for you ;)  If  
> you're the one building it out, I have no strong preference as to  
> what is used.  All we ask is that you document your actions on the  
> wiki so that someone could come along behind you and reconstruct or  
> maintain things if they needed to.
>> 2. Where (on which machine) shall we perform these? Frank  
>> Warmerdam had suggested
>> possibly the telascience blades (particularly .219, where buildbot  
>> currently resides).
> Yes, please coordinate with Mateusz to put it on the same machine  
> and under the same user account as the buildlbot.  I can also give  
> you sudo access to this machine to install any additional system- 
> wide software you would need to support CruiseControl/Ant/Java (I  
> don't think .219 has any java stuff on it yet).  Catch me on  
> #telascience on irc.freenode.net if you have any questions.
> In absence of other SAC members piping up, I proclaim that Matt can  
> do what he needs on .219 by decree ;)
> Howard
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Matthew D. Diez
>> Release Management
>> Community MapBuilder

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