[SAC] [OSGeo] #353: Delete thread from Mapbender mailinglist

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Thu Apr 9 09:15:48 EDT 2009

#353: Delete thread from Mapbender mailinglist
Reporter:  christoph  |       Owner:  sac at lists.osgeo.org
    Type:  task       |      Status:  new                
Priority:  normal     |   Component:  SAC                
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 A user on the Mapbender user list
 (http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/mapbender_users) inquired, if a
 thread could be deleted. He mentioned an URL that was supposed to be

 This is the thread in question, the one that shall be deleted


 Is that possible at all? I'm an admin of that list, but can't do it via
 the admin interface...

 Thanks for any help

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