[SAC] Motion: Provide SVN and Trac services to the UbuntuGIS project

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu May 21 17:55:10 EDT 2009

Jason Birch wrote:
> Martin,
> I would encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts.  Although I don't
> agree with your feelings about the motivation behind this request, I do
> agree with your assessment of where the package configs should be stored.


I will note that in the past I tried to keep Debian packaging stuff
with GDAL and a few other packages I maintain and the feedback I recall
from the DebianGIS folks was that it was counter productive.  It was
seldom appropriate for use in Debian at the point I released a GDAL release
(since I was not a savvy Debian person) and when the DebianGIS folks
fixed things up it was not all that convenient for them to get the
changes back into GDAL upstream.

So I'm not really all that convinced that it does make sense to keep
Debian/Ubuntu config stuff in upstream repositories.

> I guess an analogy could be drawn between UbuntuGIS and OSGeo4W (making much
> of the OSGeo stack available in one location) but I think that this falls
> apart because of the differences in installer packaging.  OSGeo4W is a
> monolithic installer, great for getting to know OSGeo software without
> having to download from multiple locations.  UbuntuGIS (correct me if I'm
> wrong) would be more granular, where users pick and choose the packages they
> want rather than saying something like "apt-get UbuntuGIS".  There is no
> technical reason to have a repository unless there are projects that
> wouldn't welcome the UbuntuGIS packages in their source control.

I would note that OSGeo4W is relatively fine grained packaging - not
a monolithic installer.  In this regard it is fairly similar to
UbuntuGIS or DebianGIS though there are also distinctions of course,
such as OSGeo4W is not designed to be built from source but rather
consists of packager contributed binaries.

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