[SAC] Mailing lists backlog

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Sep 10 10:13:33 PDT 2012

On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 9:49 AM, Daniel Morissette
<dmorissette at mapgears.com> wrote:
> I noticed that this seemed to be the case. Unfortunately this can be
> frustrating to outsiders who do not understand why their request is getting
> no response, which in the end defeats other outreach efforts made by OSGeo.


> Perhaps if one of the volunteers was formally in charge of mailing list
> requests, that person could periodically review the ticket queue looking for
> unaddressed ones and either deny, dispatch or address them.

I have considered that person to be me; however, I rarely
go trawling for unsatisfied bug reports in any of the projects
I'm involved with even though I *could*.

> Other SAC admins
> would still be encouraged to grab requests as they come in, but if nobody
> does then we'd know that someone would grab the ball on their next
> periodical review.
> Since Frank's time is already in prime demand with his new role as President
> of the board, I'd be tempted to suggest Alan as the person to periodically
> review pending mailing list requests, if he agrees.

I would be pleased if Alan would like to take on primary
responsibility for mailing lists if he is willing.

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