[SoC] SoC Report: Homerange analyses in QGIS

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at studenti.uninsubria.it
Fri Jul 4 11:44:03 EDT 2008

Hello all, 

this week I succeeded retrieving information from R and loading
I changed the IDE, I'm feeling much better with Eric.
I modified how the combo box is filled with the point layers, because in
other plugins the list is obtained from MapCanvas, and layers present in
Legend but not shown in MapCanvas are ignored. The code of my plugin
considers all layers present in Legend and filters them to obtain only
point layers.
I also started creating the Python object that collects options from
QGis layer to be passed to R functions, and at the moment it contains
only coordinates. This will be fixed as soon as possible.
Tests on Windows Xp are successful so far. As I'm using shell as
debugger, printing there control information, I can't make useful
testing because on Windows it's not easy to let QGis run in DOS mode.
In the future, debugging information and errors will be communicated
through MessageBoxes.

Next week I will make the plugin run a full MCP analysis. After this,
I'll implement also kernel analysis.

I'm not experiencing particular difficulties, except for Python: I'm
learning it progressively. Qt too are a bit complicated, but I'm getting
used of them.

Happy coding,


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