[SoC] Week 7 - Client / Server communication via WSS (Web Symbol Service)

Cristian Martín Reinhold christian.reinhold at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 00:23:49 EDT 2009

This week, a final client-server communicatin has been achieved, which
was the main purpose of the first phase of the project. So, the client
requests symbols to the server based on a category, processes the
returned xml file and shows its content as an image at the client side
(gvSIG) as well as some additional information. This week, the server
has also been created at the corporation server, since it was running
locally until now. More information about the instalation process can
be found at:


The server URL is provided by the following address:


About the client implementation, more information will be provided in
the following days at this address:


The source for both the client and server sides can be found at:




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