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Владимир voooova at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 15:19:12 EDT 2010

My name is Vladimir Kostromin. I'm student of 5 year Black Sea State
University named after Petro Mohyla (Nikolaev, Ukraine) and my
area is "Vehicle routing problem with time window".

1. Contact Information
Location: Ukraine, city Nikolaev (GMT+2.00), native language - Russian.
Now bachelor, student of 5 year
Black Sea State University named after Petro Mogila
Speciality 080404 "Intelligent Decision Support System" (magistracy)
Email: voooova at gmail.com
Phone: +380682722359

2. Application
I am interested in almost all of these topics:

Implement a bi-directional shortest path algorithm
Add support for time constraints
Add Highway Hierarchies routing support
K-Shortest Path support
Implement a graph storage based on a database, etc.

Now I work on some genetic algorithm for VRTTW (author Emelyanova
T.S.) - master thesis, and SMA* as regular coursework.

Details of previous GIS experience - simple coursework (course GIS) -
vrp.org.ua - potential method.

Previous GIS programming and other software programming experience:
Create few web sites with php (Zend framework), jQuery and mysql,
Drupal, Google API (calendar, maps)

General computing experience:
programming language (oop, design patterns etc) - php, java, c++
database (mysql, mssql) - stored procedure, triggers, now learn OLAP
Artificial intelligence, Neural_network, Expert system, Theotry of
programming, OOM, Web technology (apache, html, css, js (jquery), svg,

 Please tell us why you are interested in GIS and open source software
I user on my desktop Linux (Suse, AltLinux, Kubuntu) from 2007

 Please tell us why you are interested in your specific coding project
It is in my research area.

 Do you understand this is a serious commitment, equivalent to a
full-time paid summer internship or summer job?
It is my specialization. Now - full-time paid summer internship.

I have a brother - Andrey Kostromin . We are twins, we learn together.
He also want to make these projects. The topic of his master thesis is
"VRP with Fuzzy Demand". Also, we can work together.

Vladimir Kostromin.

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