[SoC] Integration of GGL2 into gvSIG - Weekly report

Víctor González victorzinho at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 14:28:32 EDT 2011


I just updated the wiki with the weekly report. You can find all the info

   - *What have I done?*
      - *Create wizard for GGL2 algorithm execution*: The wizard for GGL2
      algorithm execution is completed. It is possible to specify the input
      manually (source code), using a file or a GIS layer. Plus, the output can
      also be written to a file, a GIS layer or using the console. In any case,
      both the inputs and output are validated on each step so the wizard only
      tries to execute the algorithm when the inputs are correct and match the
      metadata of the process' inputs/outputs.
      - *Implement plugin for gvSIG 2.0*: I managed to finish the algorithm
      wizard early enough so I had time to implement the GIS connector
for the 2.0
      version of gvSIG. Thus, both versions (1.11 and 2.0) can connect to GGL2.
   - *What am I going to do now?*
      - *Create user documentation for the algorithm wizard*: Since the
      wizard algorithm is a little complex (real time validations over
the source
      code, the file readers/writers, etc), we need to write some
documentation on
      how to use that wizard.
      - *Finish documentation, tests, clean code, etc*: Time to finish the
      project, test everything, complete whatever that could be missing
      (documentation, tests, etc) and produce some nice results.
   - *Any blocking issue?* No

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