[SoC] GSoC weekly report 9. GDAL Networking

Mikhail Gusev gusevmihs at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 13:22:43 PDT 2014

Hello everyone.
This week I've finally coped with python in GDAL, so I'm no longer blocked
on this. I've made some python tests for the gnminfo utility. See my blog
post about this:
These weekends I'll have enough free time and I plan to finish the things,
according to my general plan for this week, i.e. graph analysis in gnm and
testing of gnm api directly in python (C methods for bindings are already
declared). The next week I will continue working according to my general
plan <http://gsoc2014gnm.blogspot.ru/2014/07/week-7-reviewed-timeline.html>.
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