[SoC] Reports sent in delay (or not sent at all!!)

Margherita Di Leo diregola at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 02:21:40 PDT 2016

Dear Students,

I'm glad to see a lot of exciting stuff going on in the reports that most
of you sent in ML yesterday, keep up the good work!
However, I noticed that, as last week, also this week I, or your own
mentors, had to send reminders to some of you to send their reports...
This is just annoying. As I several times explained, there is no need to
delay the report just because you haven't met your objective for the week,
you can just mention that in your report and send it on time. On the other
hand, if we don't receive your report, I, or your mentors, have to write
you to ask if everything is ok, and use our time that we could use better.
Please be informed that we admins keep track of your delays and consider
them discussing with your mentors at the moment of evaluation.
Some of you still haven't send the report even after reminders!... please
do it ASAP and remember to do it ON TIME for the future.


Margherita Di Leo
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