[SoC] Your repository, your wiki page and other info

Margherita Di Leo diregola at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 08:12:07 PDT 2016

Dear Students,

I browsed the wiki pages that you indicated into the table [1]  and some of
them are still incomplete, I left comments in some of them, but was a broad
problem thus decided to write to all.

@ all: please make sure that your project's wiki page contains at least:

- Your name, your mentors names
- The description of the project you are developing
- a timeline, with the progresses made weekly against it
- a section that you update regularly with your weekly reports
- a link to your public repository, where you are weekly uploading the code
- Instructions on how to test your code.

Particularly, I was looking for your repositories and many were hard or
impossible to find from the info in your wiki page. Thus, I created a
column in the table [1] where you are required to list your public
repository. Please do it as soon as possible.

@ Mentors: Please make sure that your student's wiki page contains all the
required information. It is in your best interest that the code produced
can be tested and evaluated by other members of the community.



Margherita Di Leo
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