[SoC] GSoC 2020 - Lengauer Tarjan dominator Tree and Two graphs common Spanning Trees for pgRouting - Weekly Report [Week 9]

Prakash Tiwari 85prakash2017 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 08:35:06 PDT 2020

Hello Everyone,
This is my weekly report for week [9] (Jul 27th - Aug 2nd). The report can
also be found in the project wiki [1].

What did I get done this week?

   - Created the pull request in which my weekly progress can be reviewed.
   - Completed the GSoC second evaluation.
   - Completed the pgTap tests of pgr_bipartite which includes
      - no_crash_test.sql
      - inner-query.sql
      - types-check.sql
      - edges-sql.sql
   - Prepare user documentation with additional example of pgr_bipartite.
   - Renamed files of pgTap tests according to mentor suggationa.
   - Refined the code of c++ files.
   - What do I plan on doing next week?


   Refine and review the code of implemented algorithms.

   Add more pgTap tests of pgr_bipartite and

   Prepare user documentation with additional example of pgr_bipartite and

Blocking Issues

It is not a blocking of pgRouting. But I found the problem in
boost::two_graph_common_spanning_trees it was not returning the output as
they were expected, So I mailed the issue to the boost mailing list
regarding this. As they will response I will continue with my rest of
coding part. Till then I started working in my next function (After
discussing with mentors)that is bipartite it was an additional idea.

Meetings attended in this week

No meeting was scheduled.


Prakash Tiwari



[2]. https://github.com/pgRouting/GSoC-pgRouting/pull/112
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