[SoC] GSoC 2020 - Depth First Search and Sequential Vertex Coloring for pgRouting (Week 10 Report)

Ashish Kumar ashishkr23438 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 03:57:50 PDT 2020

Hello everyone,

This is my twelfth weekly report of coding and the tenth report of the
Official Coding Period. (Week 10 Report)

Any feedback, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

*Week [10] Report (August 3rd - August 9th)*

   - What did I get done this week?
      - Modified the documentation and docqueries of pgr_depthFirstSearch
      and pgr_sequentialVertexColoring.
      - Created traversal directory and moved depthFirstSearch to it. Also
      renamed graphColoring directory to coloring.
      - Created documentation for the coloring family and traversal family.
      - Made a pull request to the main pgRouting repository's develop
      branch, containing the code for these two experimental functions -
      pgr_depthFirstSearch and pgr_sequentialVertexColoring. [6]
      - Details can be found in [1]
      - The merged pull request can be found in [2]

   - What do I plan on doing next week?
      - I will wrap up my work and make the presentation for the functions
      which I implemented.
      - Details of possible sub-tasks can be found in [3]

   - Am I blocked on anything?
      - No blocking issues.

The wiki page can be found in [4]
The repository can be found in [5]

[5] https://github.com/krashish8/GSoC-pgRouting
[6] https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting/pull/1599

Thank you,
Ashish Kumar.
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