[SoC] GSoC 2020 - Depth First Search and Sequential Vertex Coloring for pgRouting (Week 11 Report)

Ashish Kumar ashishkr23438 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 00:35:36 PDT 2020

Hello everyone,

This is the eleventh report of the Official Coding Period.

Any feedback, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

*Week 11 Report (August 10th - August 16th)*

   - What did I get done this week?
      - Merged three pull requests to the pgRouting repository's develop
      - (#1599) - Final merge PR containing the code for the two
      experimental functions - pgr_depthFirstSearch and
      pgr_sequentialVertexColoring. [6]
      - (#1602) - Removed the generated links from linkcheck_ignore. [7]
      - (#1604) - Fixed coloring family and pgr_sequentialVertexColoring
      documentation, by defining the parameters in the coloring family doc and
      referencing them in the sequentialVertexColoring doc. [8]
      - Details can be found in [1]
      - The merged pull requests can be found in [2]

   - What do I plan on doing next week?
      - I will make the presentation and the video of contributions for the
      functions which I implemented.
      - I will also be making the final report as per the guidelines set by
      - Details of possible sub-tasks can be found in [3]

   - Am I blocked on anything?
      - No blocking issues, just my college has opened, so I have to devote
      some time to the classes and other works related to that.

The wiki page can be found in [4]
The repository can be found in [5]

[5] https://github.com/krashish8/GSoC-pgRouting
[6] https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting/pull/1599
[7] https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting/pull/1602
[8] https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting/pull/1604

Thank you,
Ashish Kumar.
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