[SoC] GSoC 2020 Coding Period Week 11

Himanshu Raj raj.himanshu2 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 11:05:05 PDT 2020

Hello Everyone,
My Wiki [1]
My Forked Repository [2]
This is my report for *Coding Period Week 11 (Aug 10th  - Aug 16th)*


   *What did I get done this week?*
   - Moved the contents of makeConnected directory into components
      directory. This was done because makeConnected function is more
related to
      the components directory.
      - Modified the coding implementation of the function
      pgr_makeConnected() and pgr_isPlanar. Included the try catch block
      for boost calls. Included CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS() snippet for
      pgr_isPlanar() before boost calls to catch cancellation from the
      - Modified the documentation of pgr_makeConnected(). Renamed the
      output columns to seq, start_vid and end_vid. This was done to make
      the output columns similar to the already existing functions in the
      - Modified documentation for the function components-family. Added
      the function pgr_makeConnected() in the experimental section of
      - Completed the pgTAP tests of pgr_isPlanar() in types_check which
      were earlier in TODO list.
      - Modified the pgTAP tests of pgr_makeConnected() according to the
      new modified documentation.
      - Created a tag 2020-rajhim2-isPlanar-makeConnected
      of the work product done till week 11.
      - Details can be found in [3].
      - Merged a pull request with all these changes [4].
      - Opened a pull request with my final work product to be merged in
      develop branch of pgRouting (#1605

   *What do I plan on doing next week?*
   - Merge the pull request (#1605
      <https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting/pull/1605>) after all the
      mentors review and approve.
      - Implement the remaining pgTAP tests of pgr_isPlanar() that are
      currently in todo.
      - Generate a video of my contributions using gource and ffmpeg.
      - Complete my work product of the program and make a PR to the develop
      branch with all the files.

   *Am I blocked on anything?*     No

Himanshu Raj

[1] WIKI
[2] Forked Repository
[4] Merged Pull Request
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