[SoC] Week 11 report: Creation of a new GRASS GIS startup mechanism

L.Kladivova L.Kladivova at seznam.cz
Sun Aug 16 03:49:13 PDT 2020

Hello Community,

I am sending my report for Week 11 (August 10-August 16). The report can 
also be found in the project wiki: https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/wiki/GSoC/
2020/StartupWindow .

1) What did I complete this week?

I finished implementing the very important PR which distinguishes mapsets by
ownership and lock (see ​https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/issues/714
(https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/issues/714), ​https://github.com/OSGeo/
grass/pull/849(https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/pull/849)). I also fixed a bug
that appeared when a user wanted to display a map from a different location 
(see ​https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/issues/884
(https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/issues/884), ​https://github.com/OSGeo/
grass/pull/886(https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/pull/886)). Eventually, it is 
not allowed to do that and a user needs to switch a mapset first. 

Currently, there are 3 other PRs that are in the process: 

   * Start in a demo/startup location (see ​https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/
   issues/862(https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/issues/862), https://github.
   com/OSGeo/grass/issues/897, https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/pull/868

This issue was a bit broadened. It consists of not only creating a startup 
location but also a startup mapset. This PR also gives the option to start 
up whole GRASS GIS without the startup screen. 

   * Check for gislock and other issues when deleting/renaming/editing 
   mapset and location in catalog (see ​https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/
   issues/801(https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/issues/801), ​https://github.

Almost done, just some smaller cosmetic changes. This PR creates new 
checking functions that check both mapsets and locations when renaming/

   * Switch to another mapset when in use (aka force remove lock) (see ​
   (https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/issues/898), ​https://github.com/OSGeo/

Almost done, this issue offers an option to force the removal of the lock 
and switch to the mapset anyway. 

2) What am I going to achieve for next week?

I am gonna end up those above-mentioned PRs. Then, I am gonna reflect 
changes, I made in Data Catalog, in GUI. 

   * Reflect changes done from Data Catalog in GUI and vice versa (see ​
      * when map is renamed in data catalog while it is displayed, the layer
      needs to be changed otherwise rendering fails 
      * when map is moved elsewhere in data catalog while it is displayed 
      * new map is created (this item needs to be expanded, there are 
      multiple ways a new map is created) 
      * current mapset/location is changed from menu 
      * etc. 

3) Is there any blocking issue?
No, it is not. 

Any suggestions are welcome.

Linda Kladivova

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