[SoC] GSoC 2020 - Coding Period Week 11 Report

BELGACEM NEDJIMA gb_nedjima at esi.dz
Sun Aug 16 23:27:04 PDT 2020

This is my report for this week:

   - Tasks done:
      - Finished converting Qt3D shadow mapping tutorial code to pure
C++ (github
      repository <https://github.com/NEDJIMAbelgacem/Qt3D-shadow-maps-CPP>).
      - Implemented the custom frame graph for a post processing effect
      with a shader for QGIS (which will eventually be for shadows).
      - Test post processing pass with some kernels from wikipedia (kernels
      wikipedia page
   - Screenshots:
      - Shadow rendering using Qt3D C++ only
      - edge detection kernel running as post processing render pass in QGIS
   - Tasks to be done:
      - Finish the shadow rendering in QGIS 3D view.
      - Experiment with some techniques to improve or parametrize the
      shadows quality.
      - Make a pull request to the QGIS repository.
   - Blocking issues: None

Any suggestion or feedback is always welcome.
Best wishes,

Belgacem Nedjima
4th year computer science and engineering student.
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