[SoC] Request to contribute in QGIS project through GSoC 2020

Ismail Sunni imajimatika at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 23:36:02 PST 2020


For the QGIS 3D project, you can check this wiki page
After that, you can start preparing your proposal and share it with the
developer mailing list to get feedback.

Good luck!

Best regards.

On Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 11:20 PM BELGACEM NEDJIMA <gb_nedjima at esi.dz> wrote:

> Hi OSGeo mentors,
> I am Nedjima Belgacem, fourth year computer science and engineering
> student at ESI-Algiers (Ecole superieur d’informatique), Algeria.
> I would like to work on QGIS project and improve QGIS 3D. I worked with
> geographical information systems before (ArcGIS) during one of the optional
> courses at my school. During the course I questioned the use of ArcGIS
> instead of the open source alternative QGIS and the answer was that ArcGIS
> have better 3D capabilities, so I would like to extend 3D features in QGIS
> so that I can hopefully convince the teacher to switch to QGIS.
> For my technical knowledge, I am proficient at C++ and python, I use QT a
> lot and have worked previously on 3D graphics using OpenGL and tried to
> implement my own crude graphics engine as a hobby project. Also, I
> participate in competitive programming regularly and have good problem
> solving skills.
> I would be very happy to contribute to this open source project in GSoC
> and beyond.
> I want to discuss the features in demand for the project and issues that
> need to be resolved with the potential mentors for this project to make a
> good proposal for GSoC.
> My GitHub profile : https://github.com/NEDJIMAbelgacem
> Thank you for this great opportunity, I hope I hear from you soon.
> Best regards,
> Nedjima
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