[OSGeo-Standards] Re: OGC Meeting in Stresa - any news?

Arnulf Christl (WhereGroup) arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Thu Dec 13 08:10:32 EST 2007

On Tue, December 11, 2007 19:28, Jody Garnett wrote:
> Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Jeroen couldn't make it but Jo and Adrian are here. I didn't hear from
>> anybody else through this list. There are more folks more or less
>> involved with FOSS but not directly associated with OSGeo. Most at least
>> are aware of OSGeo which is a signal that we are catching on.
> Cool; do try and find Martin Desruisseaux; he is one of the pillars of
> the Java community (just hard to find and talk to).

I am sorry to have missed him, I just now read this mail. :-(

>> Tomorrow is the ORCHESTRA day (parallel and woven into the OGC meeting)
>>  and they invited me to give a presentation on Open Source;
>> interestingly in the Business Block. For those who did not notice,
>> ORCHESTRA applied for
>> incubation some time back[1] but OSGeo was slightly at a loss what to do
>>  about this because it is very different to all projects that have come
>>  under the OSGeo roof so far.
> I missed this one; or did not understand it. Perhaps I still do not?

I'll follow up on this one separately. It is the results of a 14million€
European funded project that might could eventually potentially help
bridge gaps between OSGeo and OGC and might be a chance for OSGeo to
establish a document base for architecture design questions. Currently we
do not really address this much at OSGeo.

>> is a place to talk to and with "the industry". This is one of the main
>> personal reasons why I am here, I want the FOSS world to be perceived
>> as part of the industry and not leave that to the proprietary corporates
>>  only.
> Sounds good; and thanks for giving people a face to associate with
> OSGeo; it does help.
>> Still reading? Amazing, considering that this is the standards and not
>> the advocacy list - sorry for burbling...
> So to drag you back on track:
> - anything fun on the standards side of things?

Fun? No.

> - can you hunt down the GeoAPI working group and see if they need any
> help setting up - how do I go about asking for one of the foundations OGC
> memberships; so I can help kick GeoAPI back into official status w/
> respect to OGC

I hope that Adrian took care of that. We are still a (at least fairly
vocal) minority. There was nobody directly involved with OSGeo except for
Adrian and myself and with three to four tracs running in parallel we just
cannot cover all.

> Jody
> [-1] A footnote? In an email?

helpless try to shorten my mails so that people can actually read it
without having to look through all that I deem relevant.


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