[OSGeo-Standards] Re: OGC Meeting in Stresa - any news?

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Sun Dec 16 12:27:34 EST 2007

On Thu, Dec 13, 2007 at 02:10:32PM +0100, Arnulf Christl (WhereGroup) wrote:
> >> ORCHESTRA applied for
> >> incubation some time back[1] but OSGeo was slightly at a loss what to do
> > I missed this one; or did not understand it. Perhaps I still do not?
> bridge gaps between OSGeo and OGC and might be a chance for OSGeo to
> establish a document base for architecture design questions. Currently we
> do not really address this much at OSGeo.

I missed this going around too - and it seems like a big deal for them
to be approaching OSGeo offering - more than Just Code i hope.
ORCHESTRA has been well-funded and well-socialised, no? (At least
well-funded "in kind" by a lot of Euro mapping agencies. )
I was hearing interesting noises about an upcoming ORCHESTRA book. 

> > - anything fun on the standards side of things?
> Fun? No.

Data Quality is my idea of fun! Norm Vine has been making whispering
noises about that a while. A reusable effort could offer free data
projects serious benefits. I will try to join the WG and i will write
more burble about this topic for the Geodata list.

> > - can you hunt down the GeoAPI working group and see if they need any
> > help setting up - how do I go about asking for one of the foundations OGC
> > memberships; so I can help kick GeoAPI back into official status w/
> > respect to OGC
> I hope that Adrian took care of that. We are still a (at least fairly
> vocal) minority. 

He said in his and Martin's presentation that there had been internal
lag but that they were looking at trying to get into the Working Group
process in the next month or two. This however has changed a bit internally 
to OGC, so that "Standards Working Groups" (which produce specs) and 
"Domain Working Groups" (which don't) have different rules regarding
"IP" and access.GeoAPI seem to be looking at the SWG vehicle which is
for the "hard stuff" but might incur more hoop-jumping and setup confusion. 

Especially as this is an effort to fix-n-debug existing ISO standards 
using the OGC as a vehicle, and that it would amount to a new kind of
project for the OGC - almost a OGC software project, no? ;) it seems
like a really interesting thing to have happen and it would be great if
you were more involved in it Jody. It would be cool to have at least
one different "OSGeo representative" attend the TC meetings while this
opportunity is available to us. I had a fun time over 2 days in Stresa.

More to follow,


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