[OSGeo-Standards] Re: OGC Meeting in Stresa - any news?

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Hi Jo -

Thanks for attending the meetings in Stresa last week. I appreciate your 

One point of clarification: To fix a bug in an existing OGC standard does 
not require the formation of a Standards working Group. Bug fixes can be 
accomplished via the Corrigendum process which can happen very quickly (3 to 
4 weeks).

At the meetings in Stresa, we worked on policy and procedure clarifications 
for Corrigenda. Mostly to do with dealing with version numbering, how to 
handle the corrected schemas, and so forth.



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> On Thu, Dec 13, 2007 at 02:10:32PM +0100, Arnulf Christl (WhereGroup) 
> wrote:
>> >> ORCHESTRA applied for
>> >> incubation some time back[1] but OSGeo was slightly at a loss what to 
>> >> do
>> > I missed this one; or did not understand it. Perhaps I still do not?
>> bridge gaps between OSGeo and OGC and might be a chance for OSGeo to
>> establish a document base for architecture design questions. Currently we
>> do not really address this much at OSGeo.
> I missed this going around too - and it seems like a big deal for them
> to be approaching OSGeo offering - more than Just Code i hope.
> ORCHESTRA has been well-funded and well-socialised, no? (At least
> well-funded "in kind" by a lot of Euro mapping agencies. )
> I was hearing interesting noises about an upcoming ORCHESTRA book.
>> > - anything fun on the standards side of things?
>> Fun? No.
> Data Quality is my idea of fun! Norm Vine has been making whispering
> noises about that a while. A reusable effort could offer free data
> projects serious benefits. I will try to join the WG and i will write
> more burble about this topic for the Geodata list.
>> > - can you hunt down the GeoAPI working group and see if they need any
>> > help setting up - how do I go about asking for one of the foundations 
>> > OGC
>> > memberships; so I can help kick GeoAPI back into official status w/
>> > respect to OGC
>> I hope that Adrian took care of that. We are still a (at least fairly
>> vocal) minority.
> He said in his and Martin's presentation that there had been internal
> lag but that they were looking at trying to get into the Working Group
> process in the next month or two. This however has changed a bit 
> internally
> to OGC, so that "Standards Working Groups" (which produce specs) and
> "Domain Working Groups" (which don't) have different rules regarding
> "IP" and access.GeoAPI seem to be looking at the SWG vehicle which is
> for the "hard stuff" but might incur more hoop-jumping and setup 
> confusion.
> Especially as this is an effort to fix-n-debug existing ISO standards
> using the OGC as a vehicle, and that it would amount to a new kind of
> project for the OGC - almost a OGC software project, no? ;) it seems
> like a really interesting thing to have happen and it would be great if
> you were more involved in it Jody. It would be cool to have at least
> one different "OSGeo representative" attend the TC meetings while this
> opportunity is available to us. I had a fun time over 2 days in Stresa.
> More to follow,
> jo
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