[OSGeo-Standards] [Board] Status of the 10 OGC slots for OSGeo members

Volker Mische volker.mische at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 05:33:49 PDT 2012

On 09/13/2012 01:04 PM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
> On 12-09-13 5:17 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> But none of this answers my original question which tried to find
>> out what we can do to improve joint activities with the OGC.
>> Apparently the Individual Members slots don't do the trick. There
>> is some cross-over through the regular OGC membership but it has
>> already taken place before our MoU. So I am still open for
>> suggestions.
> Hello Arnulf,
> I think I can shed some light here on some very possible reasons.
> I have been one of the lucky ones to receive an "Individual" OGC
> member slot.  I have a strong knowledge of OGC standards and issues,
> and I want to be involved.  However, from my experience most of the
> action occurs at the OGC Technical Meeting events.  These events are
> held at various locations around the world.  Here is my point: it is
> difficult as an individual (i.e. not a member of a larger organization
> with a larger travel budget) to attend these meetings in person.
> I know, there are ways to contribute other than these TC meetings; but
> I need to at least introduce myself in person once a year (think of
> FOSS4G) to feel a member of a community.  Lacking this, I feel very
> disconnected.
> So, if OSGeo and OGC want to really improve joint activities, together
> we (OSGeo and OGC) should contribute resources to fund one or two
> individual members to attend an OGC TC event per year.  We could
> rotate these trips between members, and a requirement for an
> individual to attend could be a report submitted to the OSGeo Board on
> return from the TC.
> -jeff
> (response sent only to one mailing list, trying not to cross-post)

Hi Jeff,

I don't agree. I think meeting in person is definitely a great thing.
Though I still feel connected to the OGC SWG I'm part of, although I've
never met anyone of those people in person.

The OSGeo slots (as I understand them) are for people who do it in their
free-time and don't work for a geospatial company that would benefit
from their work there (else the company should be a member). I don't
think those people have the time to attend a TC meeting. This is from my
personal experience, I might be wrong though.


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