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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 23:21:00 PDT 2013

Want to underline two aspects of the proposal:

1) See if we can negotiate, or fund, cite certification for OSGeo projects. This would be a good high-level outcome to encourage projects to participate in OSGeo. It also helps showcase OGC certification, while not greatly impacting OGC revenue (as we have now proven that our OSGeo projects are not pursuing OGC certification on their own).
2) Recognise testing beyond that the OGC is in position to offer, for example Client certification is not available.

This testing can probably only be offered against OSGeo projects such as GeoServer and MapServer, and can be used to promote that "cross project interoperability" we are supposed to be focusing on.

It is this second aspect that OSGeo Live can help with, I suppose I can make a motion for the OSGeo board with respect to talking to the OGC.

Jody Garnett

On 20 October 2013 at 7:06:35 am, Cameron Shorter (cameron.shorter at gmail.com) wrote:

Jody has some valuable ideas below, which I think we could make very achievable.

It would be straight forward for us to extend the OSGeo-Live template to describe the level of OGC standard certified an application is.

I'd suggest there could be three levels of description:
"OGC <Standard> <Version> Used": The Project uses an OGC standard, but not run OGC CITE tests.

"OGC <Standard> <Version> Passed": The Project has run OGC CITE tests, and believe they pass these tests.

"OGC <Standard> <Version> Certified": The OGC has certified an application according to CITE.

I'd be interested to hear OGC thinking on this.

On 18/10/13 08:53, Jody Garnett wrote:
The OSGeo board meeting today touched on interaction with the OGC, perhaps with the formation of a subcommittee (in case a single volunteer cannot be found to replace Adrian Custer).

I have been thinking of a different problem, how OSGeo can benefit from our communication with the OGC.

Initial interaction has focused on promoting OGC standards, but my concern is projects will stop caring. Indeed when I look at our projects implementing OGC services many are not CITE compliant, or have not taken on the cost of officially being certified even if they run the tests from a QA standpoint.

So here are some ideas:

* The incubation of the CITE TEAM engine is something obvious where OSGeo can help, and something I will check up on via the incubation list.

* I would like to see OSGeo projects in the web mapping category, pass through CITE conformance tests. I understand there is a cost associated with officially passing these tests and getting a sticker. It would be good to negotiate to waive this fee, both to promote standards compliance, and show projects a benefit of participation. If the fee cannot be waived (stepping on OGC business model) then we should be able to provide our own "Tested" sticker.

* For projects that the OGC is not in position to certify (such as the desktop and geospatial libraries). I would like to come up with some form of "implementing" or "tested" sticker. Criterial can be sending a screen snap of connecting to each OSGeo web service.

I suspect the above activities could be co-ordinated with upgrading the version of the software package provided to OSGeo live. This would keep the qualification current, although I hesitate to volunteer groups for more work. Perhaps we can just include the "sticker" on the OSGeo live documentation pages as an incentive.
Jody Garnett

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