[OSGeo-Standards] r100 vs. open location codes / Center Pointer

Munich Orientation Convention volksnav at volksnav.de
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To increase the amount of low-quality location codes and to profit from the
openmania, Google has launched an Open Location Code. Also this one has the
same fundamental errors:

-          no local reference

-          squares

-          not helpful for navigation

Human beings need angles. A natural location code has to be monopolar and ,
if possible, metrical.

What costs little is worth less. What costs nothing looks like Open Location


For those who have discovered the benefit of r100 www.volksnav.de/r100:
there is another OpenStandard called "Center Pointer" which isn't a domain
of OSGeo but boosts the monopolar orientation. 


Actual codes help to find targets on maps. Natural codes help to find
targets on maps AND on reality. So the following question arises "how can I
easily know the direction to "downtown" within reality?". Very simple: with
Center Pointer on imagination, signage and/or on devices. All my apps for
the blind have TWO compasses, the second one "points" to downtown with text
and/or sound, that means, with no graphic. Just google "blind in the city".
If you'd like to buy a navigation device which makes you smarter, ask for
one with Center Pointer.




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