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Hi Reese, my thinking on where to put the OSGeo Glossary page has moved.
I don't think it should be a subproject of OSGeoLive (and hence fit under
the OSGeoLive trac wiki) but rather should stand alone with its own OSGeo
Committee status.
This would mean creating a new committee page, which links in under:
I'm interested in your thoughts on what we should call our committee.
Options I'd consider would be:
"OSGeo Glossary Committee"
"OSGeo Lexicon Committee"
something else?
This would lead to us setting up a head wiki page like:

For guidelines on running a committee, you can have a look at:
Also, have a look at how some of the other committee pages are set up, as
linked from:

Cheers, Cameron

On Sun, 20 Oct 2019 at 20:50, Reese W. Plews <rplews at gmail.com> wrote:

> hello Felicity and Cameron,
> i have finished updating what i thought were the terms in the
> spreadsheet you made available in google docs earlier this month.
> i have made a copy (you can see at the bottom of the sheet - rplews_mods)
> this brings in the terminology entries that we have in ISO which
> closely or identically matches those terms identified from the main
> sheet
> a lot of the entries are abbreviations and some type of category
> should be added to those. is it is an organization, etc. a number of
> the entries were software specific, relating to a software platform or
> data format.
> Cameron has created a glossary page on the OSGEO Live trac site. i
> have not had time yet to place some items there but want to use it to
> document some of the earlier email discussions. Ron's proposal ideas
> for how OSGEO could have a terminology management group and comments
> by Bruce Bannerman and others in earlier emails should be added to the
> trac page.
> i hope this is helpful to show some of the entries. happy to discuss
> anything.
> reese

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