[Tilecache] embed tilecache

Guillaume Sueur guillaume.sueur at neogeo-online.net
Sun Sep 7 09:49:40 EDT 2008

Hi Chris,

I wasn't probably clear enough.

My django app acts as an authentication proxy for WMS layers (not only,
but on the delivering images job, it does) :

client -->  django = auth + mapscript.py --> drawImage
client				<--

What I would like is the same for tilecache configured layers :
client --> django auth --> layer isTilecached  ? --> getTheTile
client				<---

So basically it would mean adding something from tilecache inside my
django app, to be able to retrieve the tile or generate it if not yet.

Good to read your last lines too !



Christopher Schmidt a écrit :
> On Sun, Sep 07, 2008 at 03:03:33PM +0200, Guillaume Sueur wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I'd like to embed the tilecache mod_python module directly into a django
>> app, but I can't figure out how to do it further than the import thing ;-)
> What are you trying to do? Putting something inside Django is completely
> different than running it under mod_python from the point of TileCache;
> it means you need to write another server handler. In general, I would
> not put TileCache inside mod_python.
>> Next, once it will be embedded, I'd like to populate tilecache.cfg
>> programmatically, from django publishing actions.
> Okay, so you don't want to put it directly into Django, you want to
> write out a config file from Django?
>> That part is not the most difficult, be I think I would need te
>> restart apache to have used no ? 
> Not anymore. the mod_python handler reads the config file timestamp, and
> reinits the config if the file time is newer. (This addition was
> funded/added to support a project with Harvard's CGA group.) 
> Regards,

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