Need a couple more profiles

Jody Garnett jgarnett at
Sun Apr 2 12:35:13 EDT 2006

I have updated the profiles to include expected workflow in all cases.

I note that some suggestions have been made at the bottom with respect to:
>     * Segmentation:
>           o Education
>           o Government (small, large)
>           o Service Provider
>           o Solution Developer
>     * Convincers:
>           o Community profiles (profiles of individuals activel in
>             open source geo)
>           o Project profiles (with lots of pretty screenshots)
>           o Sucess stories (these are big; need to show sucessful
>             implementations)
I will need an example user for each of these above segments, and I will 
keep the convincers in mind when establishing a realistic work flow for 
I do need a bit more information about the needs here in order to 
continue, if someone has time to talk about this on IRC (or via these 
emails) please step in.

But that never quite cuts it - lets start with a working assumption and 
you guys can correct me:

Education: we already have Sarah (undergrad)
- Sebastien (graduate student): is starting research into his thesis and 
wants a platform to base the work on

Government: will base this off of the needs mentioned in the Miles 
seminar or Eogeo
- Dave: setting up a gis system for a state in Australia
- Mary: doing volunteer work in Africa, has some documents left behind 
from Chris Holmes's tour

Service Provider: huh?
- Martha: ??? what is needed here - I have no working assumption.

Solution Developer: have both George and Lui

I am also really short "Developers", I suspect we want them to be happy 
as well? I understand a user focus but ....
- Chris: established developer on geotools, wants to know where 
everything went
- Adrian: really wants to get working but cannot make sense of the 
documentation spread across 5 standards, three projects and apparently 
communicated via Zen.

Any resemblance to existing users is intentional, although I probably 
should change the names...

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