[Web Comm] Re: project tracker weirdness on support site

Auke Jilderda auke at collab.net
Fri Aug 4 04:52:20 EDT 2006

On 03 August 2006 15:00, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Auke,
> I skimmed the footer of the main page and didn't see anything about
> the support project.  It seems to me that the most logical place for
> this would be the page produced by the "Feedback" link in the footer
> which currently goes to the rather generic DomainFeedback link.
> I see this is DomainFeedback.html.html in the www directory of the www
> project.
> I would like to see this page revamped to be more OSGeo specific,
> including pointers to submitting tickets to the support project.
> Looking around a bit, I think the DomainFAQ also needs some updating.
> Perhaps it ought to just point to the general OSGeo FAQ, and that FAQ
> could have some "CN instrastructure" faqs added.
> Best regards,

All good plans Frank!  I didn't add the support link because site
content is the web committee's prerogative and I don't want to bypass
that.  Instead, I just pointed them in the right direction [1] to edit
if they agree with including the link there.

The various domain pages should be updated indeed, that would improve
the value to OSGeo quite a bit.  I can help out with that if people
would like?



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