[Web Comm] Approving sitewide announcements

Andrew Kelly akelly at collab.net
Fri Aug 11 14:50:39 EDT 2006


Your permissions allow you to just post announcements, approval is only
for announcements that are suggested.  Things seemed to have worked ok,
I see the announcement on the homepage, looks good.


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I made a news item for the GRASS release -

and made an announcement for it. I was kind of expecting to get an
email asking me to approve the announcement but i didn't (yet?) 
Is my CN account now set so annoucements i make are automatically
approved? Or am I not on the news announcing approval list? 

I can't tell whether it went through because the CN behaviour is to
show me the announcement that I made whether or not anyone else can
see it. Can others see it? ... On the front page? Maybe it should be
longer... i could have put the whole news item just in as an
announcement and saved myself a bit of messing about with cvs :/




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