[Web Comm] Coordination on board nominations.

Daniel Brookshier dbrookshier at collab.net
Fri Mar 3 16:09:50 EST 2006

You should have write access. The web for webcom is in trunk/www

The main pages are in www.osgeo.org and that is under a cvs. I am  
trying to figure out how to move it to be in svn, but that may take a  

So, if anyone is ready to start taking on some of the edits, we just  
need to give you access and a couple of pointers to keep you out of  

I'll get the niggly bits in this email done a little later today.

Daniel Brookshier
Community Manager

On Mar 3, 2006, at 12:10 PM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Jason Birch wrote:
>> I have SVN access (not sure if it's write access - haven't wanted to
>> risk it) to the webcom project, but I can't figure out how to get  
>> into
>> the main www site.
> Jason,
> OK, that's a first step.  I would encourage you to test your SVN  
> access,
> even if it is just to commit a small comment in the  
> webcommittee.osgeo.org
> index.html and then commit a removal after seeing it on the web site.
> I especially want to ensure that you are all able to update stuff  
> like the
> sidebar info (About the foundation, etc)
> To that end I have some suggestions on the limited existing content:
>  o Don't put the word "final" after the FAQ on governance.html.  It is
>    not final.  It is just official.  And we don't need to add that  
> because
>    it is on the official web site.
>  o In the FAQ change I think we should be removing "In line with the
>    do-acracy, those who contribute to the foundation goals will be
>    recognised in the future with voting memberships."  It is premature
>    for us to say this, and in any event most people who contribute to
>    the goals will not get voting memberships unless we accept many
>    thousands of voting members.
>  o the "Foundation Officers" and "Board Members" menu items both go to
>    the board members list.  I would you contract this to one menu item
>    (Board and Officers) and list them all in one page.  It isn't  
> that long
>    a list.  The Officers are "President: Frank Warmerdam",  
> "Treasurer: Gary
>    Lang", "Secretary: Rich Steele".
>  o Please put the bylaws under Corporation Documents.  They are  
> finalized
>    in the wiki.  Leave out Articles of Incorporation till we have  
> them.
>  o I would prefer not to have anything on the web site about  
> sponsors or
>    sponsorship till after we have a sponsorship program worked  
> out.  So,
>    please remove the sponsorship.html page too.
>  o Please do populate the Committees page.  I have already done some
>    minimal work on the Incubator committee page (incubator.osgeo.org).
>    You should do at least as much for WebCOM.  Please encourage or  
> provide
>    support to Arnulf to do the same for the promotions committee.
>  o Yipee!  I am pleased about the membership list.   I would like  
> to see a
>    comment here that we are working on the associate membership  
> process
>    or something to that effect.
> I would stress that the Web Committee is authorized to do stuff on  
> the web
> site without external (ie. board) instruction as long as it is not
> controversial and is not "setting board policy".  So, get  
> organized, get
> working and don't worry too much about making a few mistakes and  
> having to
> fix them up.
> All the above suggestions are suggestions only.  You can do them,  
> or not,
> but if you aren't careful I am going to ask to formally join WebCOM  
> just
> so I can dig in and do stuff!  And if you have seen my other web pages
> (ie. http://pobox.com/~warmerdam) you know you don't want me doing the
> web site.  My greatest advance since the mid-90s was using white as a
> background instead of the default grey (though white seems to be the
> default background in modern browsers anyways).
> Best regards,
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