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Mon Mar 6 02:25:33 EST 2006

By the way... here are some useful regex for shortcutting the translation from mediawiki to html:
converting external references into html:
find:  \[(http)([^ ]*) ([^\]]*)]
replace: <a href="\1\2">\3<\/a>
Replacing text at beginning of line with <p>
find:  ^([a-zA-Z0-9])
replace:  <p>\1
Replacing text and end of line with </p>
find:  ([a-zA-Z0-9.])$
replace:  \1<\/p>
These are pretty unsophisticated, and the results need to be manually inspected, but they sure can speed up the work.  I found cleaning up the html version to be a lot more labour intensive.  If we keep the wiki->www cycle going I'll have to look into writing a web script to automate as many of these as possible.  Anyone know of anything that already generates simple html from mediawiki markup?
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