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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Mar 31 13:44:27 EST 2006

Daniel Brookshier wrote:
> Hi all,
> In pursuit of our discussions about linking the OSGeo ID with any other 
> hosted tools, I have the following information from our operations. Note 
> that SSO integration will likely incur a cost, but I am unaware of the 
> specific amount. 
> 3/30/2006 6:39 AM | Karishma Jugal
> Daniel,
> The request for an SSO would require a Statement of Work (SOW) which 
> needs to come through Services. Once the SOW has been created, the 
> Engineering Operations would provide the list of requirements expected 
> from the customer. Once the information has been collected, they would 
> prepare an instance set that would be applied on the site for enabling 
> dual authentication.
> The customer may require to do the following (the complete list would be 
> specified in the SOW):
> 1) Provide CollabNet with detailed information about the OSGeo subdomain 
> server's cookie format.
> 2) Appoint a project manager, who would act as an interface between 
> Autodesk and CollabNet during this project.
> The Engineering Operations would negotiate with the Project Manager 
> appointed by the customer to collect more detailed information like:
> 1) The contents of the session cookie required from the customer's site 
> when a user logs in. The contents may include User session ID, User 
> name, Email address, Real Name, Organization.
> 2) The design of the SSO environment.
> 3) Other information that might be necessary for the dual 
> authentication. (a complete list would be provided by the Engineering 
> Operations)
> The only difference between today and the future (if there is a more 
> standard API) is that currently this information is collected manually, 
> and an instance set is applied on the site based on that information. 
> But in the future, if the platform has a more standard API for this, the 
> information would be collected through GUI and the configuration changes 
> would be applied instantly.
> Please let us know if this information answered your query. Please feel 
> free to get back to us for more information. 


Thanks, this was helpful.

Right now I see that the osgeo.org has three cookies in my cookie cache.
Two that are apparently session ids, and one called "MDAAuth" that
has the contents:

  "78fe1....d2888b07879f2442d6d9dwarmerdam at pobox.com!8000!"

I am guessing that when I visit a page at osgeo.org, the MDAAuth
cookie is checked against some sort of database to see if I am logged
in and if so, who I am. Is that right?

Would the "SSO" proposal be to provide a service whereby external
components of the osgeo.org domain (ie. wiki.osgeo.org) could
authenticate the same cookie?  Forgive me for being a bit dense.
This isn't my area of specialty.

My generally impression is that sharing login information stuff between
outside components and the CN provided systems is going to be pretty
involved.  Perhaps for now we could pursue a "two signon" solution
where the external systems are run off a central LDAP server at
telescience.  At least that would be more managable than separate
userid silos for every external service.

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