[Web Comm] Website discussion (split between marketting / community / development )

Auke Jilderda auke at collab.net
Tue Oct 24 09:12:13 EDT 2006

On 18 October 2006 18:21, Jody Garnett wrote:
> I think this may in fact be why I have been trouble getting 
> involvement ;-)
> - http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/WebCom_OSGeo_Site_Focus#Visitors

Probably, yes. :-)  Also, I have the impression that there is quite a
strong push of technologies and (parts of) solutions rather than
starting from the user's perspective.  Perhaps this user centric
approach is too late to have a big influence on where the infrastructure
is going?   That said, it's still a very valuable exercise I think, if
only to properly define the main entry points into the community and to
make sure the content and structure is effective in serving people's

> The page is notes taken while trying to scope out what is needed from
> the web committee (and in turn what artifacts it should be asking from
> the iccubation process and various committees).
> The recent pdf is mostly taking this content and trying to draw a
> picture out of it ...

As said, I like how you start from the user point of view.  What have
you planned as next steps?  I would imagine next steps will be to
abstract the user scenarios into a number of distinct user profiles and
then coming up with how to address those user profile's needs?

That is how I organised my suggestions: I see the "user", "contributor",
and "developer" user profiles (which are evolutionary, from user via
contributor to developer) which are targetted by the "marketing",
"community", and "development entry points.  Variations on this theme
would be to have two entry points, either by combining marketing and
community or combining community and development.

But I'm interested to see if people have different user profiles and
entry points in mind?


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