[Webcom] Service Provider Directory - Request for Feedback

Gupteshwar Joshi gupteshwar.joshi at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 02:03:42 EDT 2007

>>I'd remove the entire introduction section and change the "banner" to read
something like :  "Choose categories, or just >>click on Search to view all
Will you help me to give some more brief banner content so I can make kind
of changes.

>>Is there any way to change the page so that the results show up above the
search form?
I guess thats possible ,that is upto us.

>>Is it possible to have more than two results show up per page?
Sorry for testing purpose I have kept it 2 entries per as page as only three
entries were there.
Now I have modified it to 10 results per page.

>>the listing should include a disclaimer about the information not being
Yes that thing will be inclusive before publishing this application.
Let me know the Disclaimer pattern and where and how that should appear.

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