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Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Mar 16 14:55:38 EDT 2007

Thank you Arnulf,
clear answer.

I don't think it's a hight priority but surely will be soon useful to 
all committees or chapters that want to do collaborative editing of 
whatever book.
The spanish group have already started editing but I guess the they can 
survive long time without latex support.
Don't know anything on the english Free_GIS_Book.
I'm sure Hobu has most important things to do. We can anyway set up a 
ticket about it with low priority.
I can do it if you agree.


Arnulf Christl wrote:
> Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
>> Hola amigos,
>> the Spanish community is really surprising me for its enthusiasm.
>> they've started creating a spanish GIS Book:
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Libro_SIG
>> and authors that joined the list are really respectable:
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Autores
>> they are dreaming to activate the Latex support in mediawiki:
>> http://www.wikiwaves.org/index.php/Help:Formula_MediaWiki_and_LaTeX
>> would it be possible?
>> I'm sure it will be useful to the English GIS Book too and not only.
>> ciao
>> Lorenzo
> Hey,
> I am back from FOSSGIS, was a cool event. I will put together a short 
> report once people have sent me some pictures.
> We can do all kinds of things with the Wiki once we have migrated it to 
> an OSGeo server and some of us have administrator access (I explained 
> this in another message). So once SAC has figured out which server to 
> use we can just do that. Last time I mailed hobu about this I said it is 
> low priority and that they should spend their limited time on more 
> pressing issues. If this is to be prioritized higher we should post a 
> ticket to Trac.
> If anybody has other issues with activating Latex support we can also 
> discuss and vote on it. I have not used it before so can't say much but 
> would support trying it out.
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.
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