[Webcom] Website upgraded

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Nov 28 17:44:40 EST 2007

sorry guys, I've not been clear,
I'm pretty tired tonight.

that's merely a technical thing.
Home page has three different content types:
1) the instroduction "The Open Source Geospatial ....", edited directly 
by each editor/translator.
2) the news section. with automatic content feed.
3) the Spotlight part. that's, IMO, should be like the news section but 
it's still directly edited by each editor/translator.

I think we need a technical solution to avoid Spotlight area empty, and 
avoid to have it in plain HTML so that translators must copy and paste 
the code from the home page to maintain it updated.

if the technical solution allows all home pages to be synced in their 
contents at least in the default language (english) it would be very 
good to me.

that's it


Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
>> I do agree too.
>> to wait a little bit will let us fix most of last minute little bugs 
>> that will arise.
>> anyway, Wolf, you did it cool, really
>> ;-)
>> a question more:
>> who agrees to transform "community spotlight" in a "news section"?
>> this will solve some problems with other languages home pages. for 
>> example: Italian home page shows perfectly except for the Community 
>> Spotlight.
>> using a  news module will create automated content in the default 
>> language, I hope, that will fill the white hole.
> Lorenzo,
> I don't really understand your point.  We already have a news section.
> Is the problem that the spotlights don't get translated?  If so, is not
> possible to just omit this section in other languages, or perhaps to
> leave it in English?
> I don't understand how "automated content" generation would work.
> I suspect your point is somehow a technical one about Drupal but it is
> lost on me.  And as it is my hope to revitalize the community spotlight
> area, I'm a bit alarmed.
> Best regards,

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