[Webcom] Re: Community statistics

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Sun Jun 15 12:41:06 EDT 2008

Hi Mateusz,

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com wrote:
> Some noteworthy lists:
> - grass-users and gdal-dev are both about 1000.

I made some statistics for the gvSIG people recently since
many GRASS lists are not hosted at OSGeo (collected
in Feb 2008):

*  19 in list grass-abm         Integration of GRASS with JAVA based
            agent based modeling (ABM)
* 217 in list grass-announce    GRASS announcements
*  42 in list grass-commit      Mailing list to distribute GRASS-SVN commits
* 450 in list grass-dev         GRASS GIS Development mailing list
* 132 in list grass-gui         GRASSGUI mailing list
*  29 in list grass-psc         GRASS-PSC: GRASS Project Steering Committee
*  10 in list grass-qa  GRASS Quality Assessment and monitoring list
* 313 in list grass-stats       GRASS and statistical software
* 147 in list grass-translations        Translation of GRASS (i18N)
* 893 in list grass-user        GRASS user list
*  24 in list grass-web         GRASS website mailing list
* 541 in list grass-windows     winGRASS - Using GRASS on MS-Windows
         systems mailing list
*   ? in list Chinese translation mailing list  List to translate
        GRASS to Chinese (i18N)
* 133 in list Czecho-Slovak GRASS mailing list  GRASS v Cechach, na
        Morave a na Slovensku
*   ? in list French GRASS mailing list         GRASS en français
* 214 in list German GRASS Mailing-Liste        GRASS auf Deutsch
* 463 in list Italian GRASS mailing list        GRASS in italiano
*   ? in list Japanese GRASS mailing list       GRASS in Japanese language
*   ? in list Polish GRASS mailing list         GRASS in Polish language
*  79 in list Spanish GRASS mailing list        GRASS en español

In total: 3706 (+ further members from 4 unknown lists)
=> assumed circa 4000 subscribers.


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