[Webcom] Restructuring the wiki

Milo van der Linden mlinden at zeelandnet.nl
Mon Jun 16 04:22:15 EDT 2008

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Hello webcom members.

Lately when querying for core figures about OSGeo (number of active
members, events etc.) I discovered that the wiki structure can use some
enhancement because of double entries, double information, trouble
finding events etc.

I feel that there are 3 important components in the OSGeo wiki:
- - People
- - Articles/Documents
- - Events/Meetings

And that these 3 important components can be structured with cross
referencing using categories. This will reduce doubling of information
and reduce information that is out of date and hard to maintain.

I would like to bring in a proposal for restructuring by:
- - Creating a solid base of categories. I set up a proposal for this that
I would like to discuss. The pdf can be found here:
Please contact me for the odg (open Office drawing)

- - Adding the DynamicPageList extension to the mediawiki installation to
create inline queries for listing in articles.
This extension can be used to auto generate lists.
* List Members of the board of directors in (this query would be
selecting articles that are in both "OSGeo Member" and "Board of
Directors" categories)
* List events, future and past that are organized in mexico and which
are spanish spoken (this query would be: "Past Events" OR "Proposed
Events" AND "Espanol" AND "Mexico"

- - Make good use of the calendar extension and maybe calendar widget to
show a calendar of all events on the main page.

I strongly believe that introducing language as a category and
restructuring the local chapters will also help to give non-US OSGeo
chapters better control over their own section of the wiki, ease to be
found by people speaking their language and setting a wiki entry point
for their chapter members.

Please let me know if this proposal sounds good. I am (and am willing to
be) spending (more) time in restructuring the wiki so it will be used
even more and better.

Kind regards,

Milo van der Linden

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