[Webcom] Planet.Osgeo in home page [was: Website Redesign]

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Jan 13 09:12:08 EST 2009

Jeroen Ticheler wrote:
> - The blog posts open in the same page as the OSGeo pages, so we lose 
> the visitors instantly when they hit a blog post. I feel blog posts 
> should be opened in a new window.
agreed even if against usability rules.
> - I would suggest to remove the name of the blog writer. It means 
> something to a very small community, but takes a lot of space that 
> detracts from the actual subject.
-1. names are the community

> - The titles / layout of the four main sections on the home page may 
> benefit from a consistent layout and consistent dividers between the 
> blocks.
> - Last thing is something I can't check now, but you may know: blog 
> posts that end up on the OSGeo homepage should relate to the subject 
> matter we deal with. So we should not see personal blog entries of new 
> borns and so on end up there (even though those are incredibly 
> important to the blogger and her/his friends!! :-) ). Do we filter the 
> blog entries on an OSGeo tag? I think we should and it should be a 
> guideline for bloggers to use the osgeo tag in case they want their 
> stuff to end up on the OSGeo homepage.
hmm, this is impossible to control. lunch time, sorry!


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