[Webcom] Planet.Osgeo in home page [was: Website Redesign]

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Tue Jan 13 12:04:56 EST 2009

On 13-Jan-09, at 12:12 AM, Jeroen Ticheler wrote:

> - When resizing to a narrow window, the planet and upcoming events  
> jump down, leaving a wide white space next to the News section.

I think this is fixed now, please let me know if it still happens.

> - The blog posts open in the same page as the OSGeo pages, so we  
> lose the visitors instantly when they hit a blog post. I feel blog  
> posts should be opened in a new window.
> - I would suggest to remove the name of the blog writer. It means  
> something to a very small community, but takes a lot of space that  
> detracts from the actual subject.

I agree with opening in new window or even within the main osgeo page  
layout.  I would prefer to see authors name after the title of the  
post:  Title (Author).  But this module doesn't support settings for  
either of these changes without modifying the module's code.  We  
might be able to use a different aggregator module in drupal that  
supports more customisation, but neither Wolf or I have used one.

> - The titles / layout of the four main sections on the home page  
> may benefit from a consistent layout and consistent dividers  
> between the blocks.

I'm doing a few hacks to keep spacing looking somewhat normal.  A few  
css changes should clean it up.    I think the spacing between the  
"blocks" in the main section are now good enough that we don't need  
any of the dashed separator lines.  Anyone else agree?

> - Last thing is something I can't check now, but you may know: blog  
> posts that end up on the OSGeo homepage should relate to the  
> subject matter we deal with. So we should not see personal blog  
> entries of new borns and so on end up there (even though those are  
> incredibly important to the blogger and her/his friends!! :-) ). Do  
> we filter the blog entries on an OSGeo tag? I think we should and  
> it should be a guideline for bloggers to use the osgeo tag in case  
> they want their stuff to end up on the OSGeo homepage.

I entitled the section "Community Blogs" so hopefully there can be  
some generosity by readers to not expect "official" or perfectly  
related blogs :)


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