[Webcom] Planet.Osgeo in home page [was: Website Redesign]

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Jan 13 12:28:33 EST 2009

Tyler wrote:

> I think the spacing between the "blocks" in the main section are now
> good enough that we don't need any of the dashed separator lines.
> Anyone else agree?

Yes, I think that it may look better now without the borders.  It looks
like there are two overlapping borders at the top of the community blogs

Can you hide the <li> decorators/bullets for the community blog items?
It would be nice if the styling for this section could be more
consistent with the News / Events (underline under title, alternating
row colours) but I understand that this may require code changes.  This
could also include things like adding an RSS feed icon (pointing to the
planet rss feed) and a "Submit Blog" link for community members to be
taken to the "how to add your blog" wiki page.


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