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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Mar 21 02:13:36 EDT 2012

On 12-03-19 01:14 AM, allywang at citi.sinica.edu.tw wrote:
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> Dear Sir,
> My name is Ally Wang, one of the team members at "Open Source Software
> Foundry project" (OSSF) in Taiwan: http://www.openfoundry.org/en/about
> OSSF is a non-profit project established to promote the implementation and
> research about Open Source Software in our country by Academia Sinica
> Taiwan.
> For that, We collect famous and mature Open Source Project informations
> and descriptions regularly in the OSSF website
> (http://www.openfoundry.org/en/resourcecatalog),to make these projects
> better-known in Taiwan.
> Here, we will like to ask your permission, to allow us to quote some OSGeo
> Project descriptions from the OSGeo website (http://www.osgeo.org/) and set
> the reference link back to your site, or kindly tell us the quotation and
> reference guildline we can follow.
> Thank you for kindly reading this letter!


Your effort sounds great, and I see that a couple folks from
Sinica are already members of our OSGeo Taiwan chapter and have
listed your site as an important resource.


I looked around our web site, and our project info sheets and
was unable to details license information on the content.  It
is certainly our intent that the material be open source and so
as an officer of OSGeo I grant you permission to use the product
info sheets (ie. http://www.osgeo.org/gdal_ogr) under the same terms
we apply to the wiki:

   Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

I'm cc:ing our web site committee since we really ought to clarify this
on our web site and good luck with your effort!

Best regards,
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