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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
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At this point, there have been no design discussions.  The question  
on the table is whether (or not) ka-Map and OpenLayers should merge  
to form a single project.  The discussion on IRC and on the ka-Map  
mailing list so far has been directed at soliciting feedback from the  
ka-Map community about the potential merger.

The choice of prototype (for ka-Map) is based on my own experience  
using it.  I actually wanted to use Scriptaculous for an application  
(MapGuide OS Web Studio) and Scriptaculous is built on top of  
prototype.js.  I now have invested in learning it and am not really  
going to consider switching since I don't find it lacks anything I need.

OpenLayers is already using prototype.js - not sure what decision  
process lead to that, maybe Schuyler or Chris can comment.  In any  
case, it makes for a much easier migration from my point of view.

If there are compelling reasons to use another framework, I'd be  
interested in hearing about it.

There is a second discussion that needs to happen, probably on webmap- 
discuss, or the mapbuilder list.  This would concern how MapBuilder  
and OpenLayers (which in my mind includes ka-Map now) can work  
together.  There are substantial similarities and differences between  
the projects.  I think that OpenLayers could be used as the Map  
Widget in a MapBuilder application.  From a short conversation with  
Chris, it seems that you could use OpenLayers to manage both tiled  
and non-tiled map draws.  I think that has some interesting  
possibilities :)

The third discussion that also needs to happen on webmap-discuss is  
the issue of the proposed WMS-C standard proposal.  I am particularly  
interested in this as I can see the tile caching component of ka-Map  
forming the basis of a reference implementation of the proposed WMS-C  
and living as either a separate project or an optional sub-project of  



On 23-Jun-06, at 4:38 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:

> Hello John, Schuyler, ka-map people, and all,
> It is great to hear you guys are taking the initiative to move your  
> projects closer together.  I think these sort of merges will  
> benefit both communities greatly as you are likely to double your  
> developer base and more than double your user base.
> I am indeed interested to see how we can weave Mapbuilder into your  
> application.  I'd love to see all the AJAX webmapping developers  
> building and extending the same codebase rather than extending lots  
> of smaller ones as we are doing now.
> I missed the IRC (bit late for me).  Does someone have logs?  And  
> is there design discussions going on somewhere?  If so what list?   
> If not, maybe we should use this webmap-discuss list.  (It was set  
> up to discuss cross project integration like this).
> I've heard mention (below) that you are considering using  
> Prototype.  I think building upon an AJAX framework is a great  
> idea.  What interests me is why Prototype?  The other contender I  
> see is Dojo which seems to be well thought out and have a very  
> strong community behind it.
> John R. Frank wrote:
>> For those of you interested in this discussion, this page:
>> 	http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/BusinessCase
>> explains the purpose of OpenLayers.  Schuyler and I would be glad to
>> discuss how it might relate to MapBuilder.
>> John
>> On Thu, 22 Jun 2006, Adair, Mike wrote:
>>> FYI.  Not sure how many are following the ka-map list but there is a
>>> discussion going on about merging/cooperating with the OpenLayers  
>>> project
>>> and switching to using Prototype.js as the framework.  This is  
>>> something we
>>> might consider as well.
>>> Mike
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